Тексты песен Аврил Лавин

Losing Grip3:28Let Go
Complicated5:00Let Go
Sk8er Boi4:12Let Go
I’m With You1:34Let Go
Mobile4:05Let Go
Unwanted2:10Let Go
Tomorrow3:50Let Go
Anything But Ordinary3:21Let Go
Things I’ll Never Say3:41Let Go
My World3:03Let Go
Nobody’s Fool3:30Let Go
Too Much to Ask3:17Let Go
Naked3:13Let Go
Take Me Away3:37Under My Skin
Together4:30Under My Skin
Don’t Tell Me2:59Under My Skin
He Wasn’t3:23Under My Skin
How Does It Feel3:44Under My Skin
My Happy Ending3:17Under My Skin
Nobody’s Home3:17Under My Skin
Forgotten4:01Under My Skin
Who Knows3:44Under My Skin
Fall to Pieces3:53Under My Skin
Freak Out4:00Under My Skin
Slipped Away3:53Under My Skin
Girlfriend3:31The Best Damn Thing
I Can Do Better4:02The Best Damn Thing
Runaway3:27The Best Damn Thing
The Best Damn Thing3:27The Best Damn Thing
When You’re Gone3:57The Best Damn Thing
Everything Back But You3:32The Best Damn Thing
Hot4:18The Best Damn Thing
Innocence2:56The Best Damn Thing
I Don’t Have to Try3:01The Best Damn Thing
One of Those Girls3:29The Best Damn Thing
Contagious3:48The Best Damn Thing
Keep Holding On3:23The Best Damn Thing
Black Star3:34Goodbye Lullaby
What the Hell3:29Goodbye Lullaby
Push3:27Goodbye Lullaby
Wish You Were Here2:57Goodbye Lullaby
Smile3:10Goodbye Lullaby
Stop Standing There3:43Goodbye Lullaby
I Love You3:14Goodbye Lullaby
Everybody Hurts3:48Goodbye Lullaby
Not Enough3:45Goodbye Lullaby
4 Real3:40Goodbye Lullaby
Darlin3:39Goodbye Lullaby
Remember When4:00Goodbye Lullaby
Goodbye3:30Goodbye Lullaby
Alice3:45Goodbye Lullaby